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    Jane Nord

    Simple Social Sharing WordPress plugin with custom buttons design and placement. Choose any social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), social buttons design and share bare location. Choose share buttons design template, social networks to share, save your project and that’s it. Simple, eye-catching social share buttons WordPress plugin with great customization and tons of features!


    Edward Walk

    It’s customizability and looks great.
    I have one idea….and need your help.
    Can you tell me how to show social buttons in popup?


    Jane Nord

    You can do it using awesome Popup plugin by Supsystic!
    At first, you need to install Popup by Supsystic plugin(if you didn’t do it before:).
    Then come back to the Social Share Buttons plugin and create new project.
    Go to “Main” tab -> “Where to show” section, find “Popup” radio button and activate it.
    Customize the other settings. Don’t forget to click “Save” button.
    Popup plugin will automatically create the popup window with buttons.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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